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Posted on January 20th, 2014 by Joel Nimar

In 2013, nearly 58% of workers used their mobile devices to access business networks — half of this access occurred unmonitored and unmanaged. Rather than rely on policies that forbid the use of personal technologies, many companies have embraced Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD. Enterprise BYOD has led to innovative security and management software known as Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Byod softwareIt’s no surprise that many employees prefer their own device: personal mobile devices allow for user customization, easy access, and around-the-clock use. IT departments face the new challenge of handling unmonitored exposure of private data to security breaches. Those who don’t tackle BYOD head-on risk having employees “end-gaming” IT policies and using personal devices anyway, accidentally exposing confidential information and IT systems. According to the Ponemon Institute, 6 out of 10 security breaches in 2013 were traced back to mobile devices.


There’s simply no turning back.


Pyramid Technology Services offers the latest, award-winning BYOD solutions for Mobile Device Management and remote monitoring. Our MDM software equips IT departments with the tools to address critical security issues, simplify administration, and improve performance for smartphones, tablets, and off-network Mac OS devices.


With our MDM software, you can easily view a detailed list of BYOD mobile devices in your network through a customizable service center dashboard. You also receive alerts on device availability and security-related issues, such as:


  • prolonged device unavailability
  • “rooted” Android devices
  • new or foreign SIM cards
  • unusual data roaming which may result in raised costs


Additionally, our MDM software rapidly protects sensitive personal and corporate information in unforeseen circumstances. For instance, if a device is lost or stolen, you can remotely lock out access, reset a passcode, or wipe a device. Your IT department can customize alerts to your security needs.


It also ensures that all devices comply with current enterprise policies, as well as government regulations, with customizable compliance solutions.


In order for employees to implement successful and secure data sharing, BYOD usage policies must be easy and efficient for both your IT department and users. Pyramid Technology Services BYOD solution allows you to automatically deploy customized security and usage settings for different groupings. When a user enrolls their device with MDM software under a specific grouping, appropriate settings are instantly activated. Your IT department can customize:


  • passcode requirements
  • network settings for proxy connections
  • data limitations for uploading and downloading,
  • access to your VPN


Customizations are easily controlled from a user-friendly dashboard that allows for remote monitoring.


Embracing BYOD has never been easier with Pyramid Technology Services Mobile Device Management security solutions. Companies that have incorporated BYOD with the help of MDM software have seen improvements, and not only in securing data: four out of five enterprises with BYOD in place have also experienced cost benefits. Let Pyramid Technology Services help you secure your company while allowing your employees and users the flexibility and access they need for their best productivity. BYOD is the future — let us help you embrace it!


Joel NimarWritten by: Joel Nimar, President of Pyramid Technology Services, he can be reached at sales@pyramidcomputer.com

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