Do You Really Own Your Equipment?

Posted on April 6th, 2014 by Adminstrator

You may think that purchasing equipment automatically means you own it, allowing you to repair, update, and resell the hardware by any means you choose.  However, many manufacturers don’t always assume that the right to repair lies with the owner.

Ask yourself these questions:

1.) Can you maintain your equipment in any way you choose?

2.) When the lease or usage of your equipment ends, does the hardware retain value?

3.) According to the law, can you sell your used equipment?

4.) Do you really know if you own the computer storage, network devices, or other equipment you employ?


If you didn’t answer a confident “yes” to all of these questions, then you’re not alone: many original equipment manufacturers (OEM) place unfair restraints on their devices to force you to use their services, including repair and reselling. Not only does this monopolize the maintenance organization industry, but it also prevents small businesses from making efficient, economical choices for their enterprise.


For years, Independent Maintenance Organizations (IMOs) and resellers have been fighting to protect the rights of the world’s largest online/remarketers of products. Companies such as eBay, Goodwill, and the American Library Association work to ensure that the owners of goods maintain all decision making responsibilities of the good, including repairs and reselling.


In 2013, the Supreme Court, in a 6-3 decision, re-affirmed that the Copyright Act was not intended to halt the distribution of authentic goods. The decision maintains that consumers have the right to sell, lend, or give away physical goods, regardless of where these goods were made.


What you need to know is that the years of fighting in courts ensures that you have the right to repair and resell your technological equipment in any way you choose. For the technology industry, the Digital Right to Repair Coalition (DRRC) works to protect digital rights of equipment. The Coalition has spearheaded the Owners’ Rights Initiative (ORI) whose motto is “You bought it, you own it, you have a right to resell it.” The ORI serves as a watchdog organization to ensure that small businesses are fairly treated by large technology manufacturers.


The Coalition has power because of businesses like yours that join themwith the support of enterprises across the nation, the DRRC can petition and lobby large OEMs to prevent unfair repair and resell mandates.


Sign the petition today to help ensure the future value of your enterprise.


Pyramid Technology Services is one of many companies that offers hardware maintenance for IT equipment. Under the protection of the Digital Right to Repair Coalition, Pyramid can be your one-stop-shop for repairing, updating, and reselling the equipment that you, and only you, own.


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