E-Waste On the Rise: What Should I Do?

Posted on February 27th, 2014 by Joel Nimar

E WasteAccording to a recent article published in the Worcester Business Journal, the Recycling of Electronics is expected to hit an all-time high in 2014.  With an exponential growth of new technology, companies are scrambling for efficient and reliable methods of recycling old computers and hardware, or e-waste, as new machines arrive.  Pyramid Technology offers safe, secure, and affordable recycling of e-waste.


The electronics recycling industry has grown nearly twenty-fold in the past ten years.  A new spike is expected this year due to customers upgrading equipment more often and many companies phasing out Windows XP before Microsoft cuts off all upgrades and security protection for the operating system.  According to Federal laws, recycling old electronics such as hard drives or other computer hardware requires careful monitoring:  you must ensure that your private data is completely erased and that potentially hazardous materials are disposed of in a responsible and sustainable process.


Pyramid Technology makes recycling e-waste as simple and responsible as possible with our convenient ITAD Services (Information Technology Asset Disposition).


The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Defense, along with many other international bodies, have created guidelines for the deletion of data from e-waste after numerous improper disposal exposures in the mid 2000s.  In some states, such as Massachusetts, a business is liable for the private data of its customers, especially in the instance of data disposal.


Pyramid Technology guarantees data deletion in two ways: first, we ensure asset accountability, providing a chain of custody from packing, pick-up, transfer, and disposal of your e-waste.  Our secure chain-of-custody framework ensures that you are kept in the loop with a detailed bill of lading and photographed shipments.  Each asset is tracked by location through its end disposal.  You’ll know when your e-waste is securely disposed when we do.


Second, our data erasure procedures are up-to-date and comply with most international standards, including the National Security Agency and the Department of Defense.  We make sure your data is irretrievable through a standard 3-pass U.S. DoD 5220.22 M-compliant overwrite.  Should the overwrite indicate even one bad sector, we will physically shred the drive.  Our standards mitigate the liabilities companies face with data privacy-legislation such as HIPAA, GLBA, FACTA, and FCRA.


Once the data is securely erased, Pyramid Technology follows the most responsible disposal procedures available to ensure your electronics are safely recycled.  We use one of only ten companies in the Northeast with e-Stewards Certification, which strictly requires that any equipment not reused is recycled in the most environmentally responsible manner.  We guarantee that no e-waste or focus materials are exported, landfilled, or incinerated.  All materials are monitored throughout the recycling process in a smelter or refinery where they are re-processed for future manufacturing.  Every one of our disposal services meet or exceed the EPA’s guidelines and are backed by a Certificate of Recycling.


If your IT Department is similar to others throughout the country, recycling computer hardware has become a more frequent occurrence than ever with the influx of new technologies and the retirement of old – and 2014 promises to be an all-time high.  Utilize Pyramid Technology’s IT Asset Disposition to ensure safe, easy, and affordable recycling of your e-waste.



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Joel NimarWritten by: Joel Nimar, President of Pyramid Technology Services, he can be reached at sales@pyramidcomputer.com

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