What Is Managed IT Service And How Can It Help My Business?

Posted on November 20th, 2013 by Joel Nimar

Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) are specialists in the practice of taking over the day-to-day responsibilities of managing and monitoring IT infastructure. These providers resolve IT problems, acting as your outsourced personal IT department or supplementing your existing staff

MSPs can save you considerable time and greatly reduce your current IT costs. What’s more, MSPs can deliver real advantages for IT systems of midsized and small business that you can enjoy immediately.

Here are ten reasons you should consider outsourcing your IT systems:

1.) A full IT staff, half the cost

When outsourcing IT services, you get the benefits a large, experienced in-house IT staff (including a system admin and CIO) without paying the associated costs. Many companies cut IT costs by over 60% when they switch to an MSP.
2.) Top quality expertise

Your staff should be able to do their work without having to worry about IT. Experienced IT staff of an MSP can deal with the frustrations, distractions and complexities of technology’s most difficult problems – not your staff.

3.) Up-to-date support

It’s a full time job keeping up with the latest technology. Don’t waste time creating special teams to learn what’s up-to-date — let an MSP implement the latest technologies and support your staff through the learning process.

4.) No need to hire and train IT personnel

Recruiting and training qualified IT employees drains time and money that most small to mid-size businesses can’t afford. Outsource your IT to an MSP to ease the process of getting the most qualified IT personnel instantly.

5.) Only pay for the IT you need

Employing a full-time, in-house IT employee often doesn’t justify the money spent. Tech problems are often unpredictable, occurring after days or weeks of relative calm. With MSP pricing, you only pay for the IT services you actually need and use when you actually need to use them or pay a flat monthly guaranteed fee no matter how much service you need.

6.) Less time wasted, more productivity

Troubleshooting technology can halt business to a standstill. MSPs can troubleshoot broken technology instantly – better yet, they can anticipate problems before they occur, preventing problems that could impede your workflow, allowing your staff to focus on maximizing day-to-day operations. An MSP can provide a variety of services – such as managing security, network monitoring, and anti-spam and virus filtering – that your staff won’t need to worry about.

7.) Savings trickle down to customers

Money spent on research, development, and implementation on in-house IT departments drain resources that ultimately affect your most important asset – the customer. With remote technology services provided by an MSP, you don’t need to waste money that keep prices low for customers.

8.) The very best security

Viruses, spam, and other vulnerabilities can result in a major loss of time, money, and worst of all, customer trust. In fact, many small to mid-sized businesses hire an MSP for its security benefits alone. Every credit card transaction or email can make you or your client vulnerable to credit fraud or a security breach. Effortless protect yourself and your customer’s private information by utilizing an MSP’s around-the-clock network monitoring and virus filtering.

9) Effortlessly follow compliance codes

Staying on top of constantly shifting federal and state regulations is a full-time job – penalties for not following code can be costly. Specialists at an MSP ensure compliance with all regulations set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI), HIPAA, FDA, SAS70 (aicpa), PIPEDA (Canada), and others.

10) Secure, reliable backup service

Small to midsized companies can’t risk operating without a backup service – permanently losing crucial data because of accidental file deletion, hardware failure, or natural disasters (such as water damage from Superstorm Sandy) can cause the total collapse of a company. 85% of business with catastrophic data loss go bankrupt within three years. MSPs offer constant local and cloud storage to backup your files, as well as failover servers that protect your data in every worst-case scenario. Protect yourself so you don’t end up becoming another statistic!

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Joel Nimar is the President of Pyramid Technology Services, a Managed Services Provider (MSP),  providing IT management and consultancy services. Pyramid provides results and savings and takes the IT worries off your shoulder.

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