Pyramid Technology Services: Emphasizing Quality, Service, & Flexibility

Posted on October 14th, 2013 by Joel Nimar

Founded in 1988, Pyramid Technology Services in Maynard, Massachusetts is a certified woman-owned business that specializes in new and refurbished systems, network devices, and spare parts for new and legacy systems. The company’s broad customer base includes end-users, resellers, Fortune 1000 companies, and government agencies. International sales account for approximately 40% of Pyramid’s revenue.


Joel and Claudia Nimar founded Pyramid as a part-time business in 1988. By 1997, the company had expanded into a full-time operation. During the past 19 years, the Nimars have changed their business focus to match customer needs and industry trends. Company president Joel Nimar explained:


“Ten years ago, we were a Digital VAR and sold 100% Digital equipment. But then Compaq bought Digital and HP bought Compaq. Well, we knew we needed to diversify. Now, Digital products account for about 33% of our business, and we have expanded our product line to include Cisco, Sun Microsystems and Enterasys. That’s been a real challenge for us and our employees because it required different skill sets, technical expertise, and knowledge of more product lines.”


Although Pyramid’s product focus changed, the company’s customer base remained the same. Pyramid modified its product lines as customers migrated to other platforms. Yet many of Pyramid’s customers still depend on legacy systems – especially VAX/Alpha systems – and Pyramid continues to support those older technologies.


One interesting example is the Hubble Telescope project. Pyramid worked with a major defense contractor to supply spare parts for the Hubble Telescope’s data collection systems. This was not a situation where the system owner could just upgrade to the latest technology, Nimar noted: “They spent ten years and a billion dollars writing software. There was no way to throw that out in favor of a new technology.”


Changing technologies have given Pyramid the opportunity to expand its customer base. The Web in particular is “a marvelous source of leads,” said Nimar. “I get leads every day from our Web site.” The company is a Tradeloop Premier member and participates in the End User program as well. Nimar said that Tradeloop “helps drive more traffic to our site and helps us find new customers, particularly internationally.”

Once new customers choose Pyramid as a supplier, they tend to maintain the business relationship for a long time. Nimar attributed those long-term relationships to Pyramid’s focus on customer service and quality:


“A lot of our customers are long-term customers. They appreciate our high quality and our ability to test and integrate equipment. We get a lot of repeat business because we’re quality oriented and take the time to visually inspect and test 95% of the products we sell. We offer a 60 day warranty to resellers and 90 days to end users, and an optional 1-year warranty upgrade.”


Pyramid’s commitment to service extends to the outside community. The Nimars donate a percentage of the company’s profits to various charitable causes, including Open Table, a local organization that feeds 140-180 hungry people each week in Concord and Maynard, MA. Every Christmas, Pyramid sponsors the majority of gifts for the Open Table kids, and the employees enjoy the happy assignment of shopping for the presents.


The company’s flexibility, product knowledge, dedication to quality, and a commitment to both customer and community service have helped Pyramid grow and prosper amid changing technologies and market conditions. The Nimars make this promise to each customer:


“We get the job done right the first time. Pyramid offers quality products at a price that will keep you in business.”

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