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  • Sun – Oracle end-of-life product list and support options

    Posted on: December 10th, 2015 by Adminstrator

    Pyramid Technology Services keeps your Sun – Oracle hardware running for a minimum of seven years past Sun – Oracle's 'Premier Support for Hardware and Operating Systems' date. Even if your product can still be supported by Sun – Oracle, it is worth considering switching to our support:

    • Large savings on hardware maintenance and upgrades
    • Expertise in maintenance, tuning and configuration
    • Personal service
    • Flexible contracts

    End of manufacturer support information is correct according to the information we have at the time of compilation. For the official manufacturer position you should contact Sun – Oracle.


    Manufacturer/Model End of manufacturer support (some dates may be estimated)
    Sun 220R Enterprise 220R 12/1/2010
    Sun E250 Enterprise 250 12/1/2010
    Sun EXX00-CPU Enterprise 30/35/40/45/50/55/60/6500 CPU Module Unknown
    Sun E3000 Enterprise 3000 Base System Unknown
    Sun E3500 Enterprise 3500 Base System Unknown
    Sun E4000 Enterprise 4000 Base System Unknown
    Sun 420R Enterprise 420R 12/1/2010
    Sun E450 Enterprise 450 12/1/2010
    Sun E4500 Enterprise 4500 Base System 12/1/2010
    Sun E5000 Enterprise 5000 Base System Unknown
    Sun E5500 Enterprise 5500 Base System Unknown
    Sun E6500 Enterprise 6500 Base System 12/1/2010
    Sun NETRA-120 Netra 120 6/1/2011
    Sun NETRA-20 Netra 20 4/1/2010
    Sun NETRA-210 Netra 210 12/1/2014
    Sun NETRA-240 Netra 240 5/1/2014
    Sun NETRA-440 Netra 440 5/1/2014
    Sun NETRA-T4-1-4C Netra SPARC T4-1 4 Core, 16Gb RAM Unknown
    Sun NETRA-T4-1-8C-128GB Netra SPARC T4-1 8 Core, 128Gb RAM Unknown
    Sun NETRA-T4-1-8C-256GB Netra SPARC T4-1 8 Core, 256Gb RAM Unknown
    Sun NETRA-T4-2-8C-128GB Netra SPARC T4-2 8 Core, 128Gb RAM Unknown
    Sun NETRA-T4-2-8C-256GB Netra SPARC T4-2 8 Core, 256Gb RAM Unknown
    Sun NETRA-T4-2-8C-64GB Netra SPARC T4-2 8 Core, 64Gb RAM Unknown
    Sun NETRA-D130 Netra st D130 Array 12/1/2010
    Sun NETRA-T1-10X Netra T1 100/105AC 2/1/2008
    Sun NETRA-T1-200 Netra T1 200AC 2/1/2008
    Sun NETRA-T1120 Netra T1120 12/1/2011
    Sun NETRA-T1125 Netra T1125 12/1/2011
    Sun NETRA-T1400 Netra T1400 Unknown
    Sun NETRA-T1405 Netra T1405 Unknown
    Sun NETRA-T2000-4C Netra T2000 – 4 Core 4/1/2016
    Sun NETRA-T2000-8C Netra T2000 – 8 Core Unknown
    Sun NETRA-T5220-4C Netra T5220 – 4 Core Unknown
    Sun NETRA-T5220-8C Netra T5220 – 8 Core Unknown
    Sun NETRA-X1 Netra X1 10/1/2007
    Sun RSF-1-HA Software Maintenance for RSF-1 High Availability Software Unknown
    Sun M3000 SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server Unknown
    Sun M4000-2W SPARC Enterprise M4000 2-way Unknown
    Sun M4000-4W SPARC Enterprise M4000 4-Way Unknown
    Sun M5000-2W SPARC Enterprise M5000 2-Way Unknown
    Sun M5000-4W SPARC Enterprise M5000 4-Way Unknown
    Sun M5000-6W SPARC Enterprise M5000 6-Way Unknown
    Sun M5000-8W SPARC Enterprise M5000 8-Way Unknown
    Sun T5220-4C Sparc Enterprise T5220 – 4 Core Unknown
    Sun T5220-8C Sparc Enterprise T5220 – 8 Core 9/1/2016
    Sun SPARC-T3-1-8C SPARC T3-1 Server – 8 Core 8/1/2017
    Sun SPARC-T3-2-16C SPARC T3-2 Server – 16 Core 8/1/2017
    Sun SPARC-T4-1-128GB SPARC T4-1 Server – 8 Core, 128Gb Ram Unknown
    Sun SPARC-T4-1-16GB SPARC T4-1 Server – 8 Core, 16Gb Ram Unknown
    Sun SPARC-T4-1-256GB SPARC T4-1 Server – 8 Core, 256Gb Ram Unknown
    Sun SPARC-T4-1-512GB SPARC T4-1 Server – 8 Core, 512Gb Ram Unknown
    Sun SPARC-T4-1-64GB SPARC T4-1 Server – 8 Core, 64Gb Ram Unknown
    Sun SPARC-T4-4-S SPARC T4-4 Server – 2 x 8 Core, 128Gb Unknown
    Sun SPARC-T4-4-L SPARC T4-4 Server – 4 x 8 Core, 2TB Unknown
    Sun SPARC-T4-4-M SPARC T4-4 Server – 4 x 8 Core, 512GB Unknown
    Sun SPARC-T5-2-SML SPARC T5-2 Server – 1 x 16 Core, 128Gb Ram Unknown
    Sun SPARC-T5-2-LRG SPARC T5-2 Server – 2 x 16 Core, 1Tb Ram Unknown
    Sun SPARC-T5-2-MED SPARC T5-2 Server – 2 x 16 Core, 512Gb Ram Unknown
    Sun SPARC10 SPARCstation 10 11/1/2000
    Sun SPARC20 SPARCstation 20 12/1/2009
    Sun ST-7110 Storage 7110 Unified Storage Server (ZFS Appliance) Unknown
    Sun ST-7120 Storage 7120 Unified Storage Server (ZFS Appliance) Estimated 2015
    Sun ST-7310 Storage 7310 Unified Storage 12/1/2015
    Sun ST-7410 Storage 7410 Unified Storage 12/1/2015
    Sun ST-J4200 Storage J4200 12 slot SAS/SATA Array 2U 12/1/2015
    Sun ST-J4400 Storage J4400 24 slot SAS/SATA Array 4U 12/1/2015
    Sun ST-J4500 Storage J4500 48 slot SATA Array 4U Unknown
    Sun STK-2501 StorageTek 2501 Expansion Drawer Unknown
    Sun STK-2510 StorageTek 2510 Array 7/1/2016
    Sun STK-2530 StorageTek 2530 Array 7/1/2016
    Sun STK-2540 StorageTek 2540 Array 7/1/2016
    Sun STK-2540-M2 StorageTek 2540 M2 Array Unknown
    Sun STK-5320 StorageTek 5320 Array 3/1/2014
    Sun STK-6140 StorageTek 6140 Array 12/1/2015
    Sun STK-6180 StorageTek 6180 Array Unknown
    Sun STK-6540 StorageTek 6540 Array 1/1/2015
    Sun STK-CSM200A StorageTek CSM200A Expansion Drawer Unknown
    Sun STK-L180-10D StorageTek L180 Tape Library (with 10 of 10 Drives) Unknown
    Sun STK-L180-2D StorageTek L180 Tape Library (with 2 of 10 Drives) 7/1/2012
    Sun STK-L180-4D StorageTek L180 Tape Library (with 4 of 10 Drives) Unknown
    Sun STK-L180-6D StorageTek L180 Tape Library (with 6 of 10 Drives) Unknown
    Sun STK-L180-8D StorageTek L180 Tape Library (with 8 of 10 Drives) Unknown
    Sun STK-L700-STK9840B StorageTek L700 STK 9840B FIBRE DRIVE FOR LXXX Unknown
    Sun STK-L700 StorageTek L700 Tape Library Unknown
    Sun STK-L700-EXP StorageTek L700 Tape Library Expansion Frame Unknown
    Sun STK-SL24 StorageTek SL24 24 Slot Tape Library (1-2 FH LTO drives or 1-4 HH) Unknown
    Sun STK-SL48 StorageTek SL48 48 Slot Tape Library (1-2 FH LTO drives or 1-4 HH) Unknown
    Sun STK-SL500BASE StorageTek SL500 Tape Library – Base Module 1 or 2 Drives Unknown
    Sun STK-SL500CEM StorageTek SL500 Tape Library – Cartridge Expansion Module (CEM) Unknown
    Sun STK-SL500DEM StorageTek SL500 Tape Library – Drive Expansion Module (DEM) 1 to 4 Add Drives Unknown
    Sun SE-3120-JBOD StorEdge 3120 JBOD 12/1/2014
    Sun SE-3310-RAID StorEdge 3310 AC Raid 6/1/2011
    Sun SE-3310-JBOD StorEdge 3310 JBOD 6/1/2011
    Sun SE-3320-RAID StorEdge 3320 AC RAID 12/1/2014
    Sun SE-3320-JBOD StorEdge 3320 JBOD 12/1/2014
    Sun SE-3510-RAID StorEdge 3510 AC Raid 7/1/2014
    Sun SE-3510-JBOD StorEdge 3510 JBOD 7/1/2014
    Sun SE-3511-JBOD StorEdge 3511 JBOD 12 bay SATA 6/1/2012
    Sun SE-3910 StorEdge 3910 System 2/1/2010
    Sun SE-6130 StorEdge 6130 Array 6/1/2012
    Sun SE-6130-CSM100FC StorEdge 6130 CSM100 FC Expansion Unknown
    Sun SE-6130-CSM100SATA StorEdge 6130 CSM100 SATA Expansion Unknown
    Sun SE-A1000 StorEdge A1000 Array 9/1/2011
    Sun SE-A5200 StorEdge A5200 Array Unknown
    Sun SE-C2 StorEdge C2 Tape Autoloader 1 Drive 8 or 16 Slot (Quantum SuperLoader 3) 1/1/2014
    Sun SE-C4 StorEdge C4 Tape Library 1/1/2014
    Sun SE-D1000 StorEdge D1000 Array 9/1/2009
    Sun SE-D2 StorEdge D2 Array 9/1/2011
    Sun SE-D240 Storedge D240 Media Tray 6/1/2014
    Sun SE-EXB-8900 StorEdge External 20/40Gb 8mm Tape Drive Unknown
    Sun SE-DAT72 StorEdge External DAT72 Tape Drive Unknown
    Sun SE-DDS3 StorEdge External DDS3 Tape Drive 2/1/2008
    Sun SE-DDS4 StorEdge External DDS4 Tape Drive 3/1/2010
    Sun SE-DLT4000 StorEdge External DLT4000 20/40Gb Tape Drive Unknown
    Sun SE-DLT7000 StorEdge External DLT7000 35/70Gb Tape Drive 11/1/2007
    Sun SE-DLT8000 StorEdge External DLT8000 40/80Gb Tape Drive Unknown
    Sun SE-LTO2 StorEdge External LTO2 400/400Gb Tape Drive 10/1/2012
    Sun SE-LTO3 StorEdge External LTO3 400/800Gb Tape Drive 9/1/2015
    Sun SE-LTO4 StorEdge External LTO4 800/1600Gb Tape Drive Unknown
    Sun SE-LTO4HH StorEdge External LTO4 HH 800/1600Gb Tape Drive Unknown
    Sun SE-LTO5-HH-SAS StorEdge External LTO5 HH 1.5/3Tb SAS Tape Drive Unknown
    Sun SE-SDLT320 StorEdge External SDLT320 160/320Gb Tape Drive 9/1/2013
    Sun SE-SDLT600 StorEdge External SDLT600 300/600Gb Tape Drive Unknown
    Sun SE-L1000 StorEdge L1000 1 to 4 DLT drive 30 slot Tape Library 12/1/2007
    Sun SE-L20 StorEdge L20 Tape Library 1 or 2 Drives (DLT7/8000) 20 Slot Unknown
    Sun SE-L25 StorEdge L25 Tape Library 8/1/2008
    Sun SE-L280 StorEdge L280 Tape Autoloader 2/1/2006
    Sun SE-L7 StorEdge L7 7 Slot Tape Autoloader 1/1/2009
    Sun SE-L8 StorEdge L8 8 Slot Tape Autoloader 4/1/2011
    Sun SE-L9 StorEdge L9 9 Slot Tape Autoloader 6/1/2008
    Sun SE-S1 StorEdge S1 Array 6/1/2012
    Sun SE-T3 StorEdge T3 Dual Storage Array 2/1/2012
    Sun BLADE-6000-DM Sun Blade 6000 Disk Module Unknown
    Sun BLADE-6000-CHASSIS Sun Blade 6000 Modular System- base configuration Unknown
    Sun BLADE-6048-CHASSIS Sun Blade 6048 Modular System – base configuration Unknown
    Sun BLADE-STORAGE-M2 Sun Blade Storage Module M2 Unknown
    Sun BLADE-T6300 Sun Blade T6300 Server Module (A94) Unknown
    Sun BLADE-T6320 Sun Blade T6320 Serverv Module (A95) Unknown
    Sun BLADE-T6340 Sun Blade T6340 Server Module Unknown
    Sun BLADE-X6220 Sun Blade X6220 Server Module (A92) Unknown
    Sun BLADE-X6240 Sun Blade X6240 Server Module Unknown
    Sun BLADE-X6250 Sun Blade X6250 Server Module (A93) Unknown
    Sun BLADE-X6270-M2 Sun Blade X6270 M2 Server Module Unknown
    Sun BLADE-X6270 Sun Blade X6270 Server Module Unknown
    Sun BLADE-X6275-M2 Sun Blade X6275 M2 Server Module Unknown
    Sun BLADE-X6440 Sun Blade X6440 Server Module Unknown
    Sun BLADE-X6450 Sun Blade X6450 Server Module Unknown
    Sun FLA300 Sun Flexline FLA300 DiskArray Unknown
    Sun FLC200 Sun Flexline FLC200 DiskArray Unknown
    Sun FLX380 Sun Flexline FLX.380 DiskArray Unknown
    Sun NETRA-X4200-M2 Sun Netra X4200 M2 Server Unknown
    Sun NETRA-X4250 Sun Netra X4250 Server Unknown
    Sun NETRA-X4270 Sun Netra X4270 Server Unknown
    Sun NETRA-X4450 Sun Netra X4450 Server Unknown
    Sun X2-4-2W Sun Server X2-4 2 x 8-Core CPUs Unknown
    Sun X3-2-2W Sun Server X3-2 2 x 8-Core CPUs (X4170-M3) Unknown
    Sun X4-4-2W Sun Server X4-4 with 2 x 15-Core CPUs, 512Gb RAM Unknown
    Sun SPARC-T4-2-L Sun SPARC T4-2 Server – 2 x 8 Core, 1TB Unknown
    Sun SPARC-T4-2-M Sun SPARC T4-2 Server – 2 x 8 Core, 256GB Unknown
    Sun SPARC-T4-2-S Sun SPARC T4-2 Server – 2 x 8 Core, 64GB Unknown
    Sun ULTRA20-M2 Sun Ultra 20 M2 Workstation Unknown
    Sun ULTRA24 Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Unknown
    Sun ULTRA27 Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Unknown
    Sun ULTRA40 Sun Ultra 40 Workstation Unknown
    Sun ULTRA40-M2 Sun Ultra 50 M2 Workstation Unknown
    Sun X2250 Sun X2250 Server Unknown
    Sun X4270 Sun X4270 Server Unknown
    Sun BLADE-100R11 SunBlade 100 2/1/2008
    Sun BLADE-1000 SunBlade 1000 12/1/2009
    Sun BLADE-150 SunBlade 150 6/1/2011
    Sun BLADE-1500 SunBlade 1500 6/1/2011
    Sun BLADE-2500 SunBlade 2500 6/1/2011
    Sun 280R-1W SunFire 280R 1-Way 4/1/2011
    Sun 280R-2W SunFire 280R 2-Way 4/1/2011
    Sun X800-CPU SunFire 38/48/6800 CPU Board 2-Way Unknown
    Sun 3800 SunFire 3800 Base Server Unknown
    Sun 4800 SunFire 4800 Base Server 5/1/2011
    Sun 6800 SunFire 6800 Base Server 5/1/2011
    Sun X900-CPU SunFire E29/49/6900 CPU Systems Board (2 or 4 CPUs) Unknown
    Sun E2900 SunFire E2900 Base Server 4/1/2014
    Sun E4900 SunFire E4900 Base Server 4/1/2014
    Sun SF-E6900 SunFire E6900 Base Server Unknown
    Sun SF-4W-1.8-UPG SunFire E6900 CPU/Memory Uniboard w/4x US IV+ 1.8GHz 32GB Unknown
    Sun X4170-M3 Sunfire M4170-M3 Unknown
    Sun T1000 SunFire T1000 1/31/2015
    Sun T2000-4C SunFire T2000 – 4 Core 1/1/2015
    Sun T2000-8C SunFire T2000 – 8 Core 1/1/2015
    Sun T5120 SunFire T5120 Unknown
    Sun T5140 SunFire T5140 9/1/2016
    Sun T5240-8C SunFire T5240 – 1 x 8C CPU 2/1/2017
    Sun T5240-16C SunFire T5240 – 2 x 8C CPU Unknown
    Sun T5440-4W SunFire T5440 – 4 Way Unknown
    Sun V100 SunFire V100 6/1/2011
    Sun V120 SunFire V120 6/1/2011
    Sun V125 SunFire V125 Unknown
    Sun V1280-12W SunFire V1280 12-Way 4/1/2013
    Sun V1280-4W SunFire V1280 4-Way 4/1/2013
    Sun V1280-8W SunFire V1280 8-Way 4/1/2013
    Sun V20Z SunFIre V20z 11/1/2012
    Sun V210-1W SunFire V210 1 Way 11/1/2012
  • 5 reasons to review your hardware maintenance agreement for the new fiscal year and what questions to ask yourself

    Posted on: December 10th, 2015 by Adminstrator

    It can be easy to stick to the status quo, but as your company evolves and moves into a new fiscal year, it is important to review your current maintenance agreements. This can save you money, both in the long and short term, as it prevents any lapses in coverage that can occur when companies lose track of their different contracts and agreements. By asking yourself these questions, you will help make sure you are covered for the upcoming year.

    1. Does my current contract make the most sense based on my company's individual needs?

    Maintenance agreements can often be overlooked during end of the year assessments. Because technology equipment needs change and progress year in and year out, you may find that your maintenance agreement is no longer fulfilling your company needs. In fact, you may not be getting the best value for your particular service. It is important to reevaluate the urgency of response times on specific equipment and the hours and level of coverage in your agreements, in order to make sure that you are only paying for only the important and useful services. By reviewing your contract on a yearly basis, you can make sure that your company's changing needs are covered.

    2. Does my warranty still cover my assets and end-of-life status?

    It is important to review your manufacturer warranty dates in addition to the end-of-life status to make sure that you are covered in the coming year. If your warranty runs out or your equipment becomes end-of-life, you may be at risk for large repair and replacement fees, which can cause real financial problems for your business.

    3. Would my company benefit from single vendor coverage?

    Managing contracts and warranty expiration dates can be an incredibly time-consuming and frustrating process. In addition to dealing with different brands of equipment and different service levels, companies are often dealing with coverage in several different locations by several different companies. This decentralization can create real logistical and administrative problems for companies, much of which is unnecessary. By switching to single vendor coverage, all of your contracts, warranties, and service levels will be uniform and accessed via a single contact. In addition to saving costs, single vendor service can increase efficiency and quality of service.

    4. Do I have a single account manager responsible for the supervision of my account?

    Does your hardware maintenance provider give you a single point of contact for your account that is responsible for your agreement? Do you have an easy escalation process if an issue cannot be addressed? A single point of contact can manage all of your IT maintenance needs, and can cover all of your equipment so you don’t have to deal with multiple reps.

    5. Could I save 20-60% off my current agreement and have access to a US based call center?

    Manufacturers increase maintenance costs 10-15% annually and discontinue support in order to incentivize customers to buy new systems rather than maintain the existing systems. At Pyramid we help companies in this situation. Our hardware maintenance services offer a single point of contact for all IT maintenance needs on a global basis with a US based call center. We promise consistently reasonable pricing that can save you up to 60% off OEM pricing. Further, Pyramid advises companies on how best reorganize IT infrastructures in order to bring them to maximum efficiency levels. The combination of lower fees and increased effectiveness allows companies that employ third-party hardware maintenance providers to remain competitive in a fast-paced, technological world.

    Contact us today for a free quote. For the month of December we are offering 1 free month of service for a new 12 month contract.