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  • TSP Pyramid goes BIG into IT Staffing

    Posted on: September 8th, 2020 by Adminstrator

    More than just a Name Change

    Pyramid Computer Services – now TSP Pyramid – brings massively expanded IT staffing resources to meet the needs of our customers and companies like yours. IT Staffing issues are legendary and so everpresent that the entire H1-B VISA program exists as an attempt to help solve the problem – with varying degrees of success – for US companies.

    The problem isn’t necessarily a lack of US-based talent or payroll cost, either of which would be relatively easy to fix; the issue stems from a systemic disconnect between the traditional hiring model and the need for massive agility inside the IT department. By the time someone new and qualified is found, assessed, interviewed, hired, trained and set loose – the whole playing field has likely changed.

    A major US banking firm noted in 2019 that only 30% of its IT hires actually went on to perform the work they were originally hired for – and that number doesn’t take into account the hundreds of IT roles that have remained infilled for more than three months – with a few open for more than two years. Their story is not only unsurprising, it’s entirely common.

    With this in mind, Pyramid has sought to massively expand and deepen its IT Staffing service options and has become part of TPS – now TPS Pyramid – in the pursuit of solutions for enterprise-scale customers with large and ongoing staffing gaps.

    These companies and organizations run the gamut from massive public universities to military R&D Firms, government entities and specialized global manufacturers. The one thing they all have in common is an ongoing priority to fill high-skill roles on an unpredictable schedule inside their organizations. An inability to fill these roles means less productivity, less innovation, slower response times for their customers and users, and all told this has a significant suppressive effect on the entire US economy. The stakes are very high.

    IT Staffing Solutions

    TSP Pyramid brings a greatly expanded catalog of staffing services to customers with serious staffing gaps. Not only can these needs be filled more quickly than internal hiring and more effectively and less expensively than mercenary HR Headhunters, but the internal resources that had been dedicated to identifying and hiring these team members can be put back to work on key business outcomes – such as expanded training and benefits – rather than managing turnover and hiring day in and day out.

    TSP Pyramid resources include:

    • Contract Recruiting
    • Residency Hires
    • Managed Services
    • Project Services
    • Contract-To-Hire

    To find out more about specific options offered by TSP as a solution to your ongoing IT hiring gaps, connect with Pyramid on our response form or visit for more information.

  • Your 2021 Checklist for Hardware Maintenance

    Posted on: September 7th, 2020 by Joel Nimar

    The 2020 Rollercoaster is unlikely to end conveniently on December 31, 2020 – if you didn’t go into the year withy a hardware maintenance checklist, having one for next year will be helpful for right sizing your contracts and maintenance needs.

    Hardware maintenance should be a priority for your IT plans

    Hardware maintenance contracts can be notoriously tricky to stay on top of. Third party contracts may need reviewed and updated often to account for items that the third party can and can’t cover; OEM contracts are often written in a way that makes them purposely obscure. Ideally, you can work with a multidiscipline partner who can go beyond a limited number of brands for hardware support.

    TPS Pyramid is one of the few service providers who can also offer actual hardware – both refurbished as well as brand new – and IT resources to fill gaps in your own staffing much more quickly than internal HR or a headhunting service. That’s great not only for keeping track of maintenance as part of the larger picture, but also brings a quick and simple solution if additional issues arise in the data center that require a more complex response than simply getting system lights back to green.

    "IT stakeholders need to vouch for the importance of hardware maintenance."

    What should you include on your hardware maintenance checklist?

    When reviewing your options for a hardware maintenance partner in the coming year, there are several key features to consider to ensure you receive the right coverage and services at the right price point:

    Single-vendor contracts

    One of the most common obstacles businesses run into with hardware maintenance is managing the various service contracts in effect for all of their data center and IT equipment. The time and labor required to parse through each one and determine precisely what is covered by different original equipment manufacturers is one of the more costly, unseen expenses related to IT operations.

    Cure that headache by working with a hardware maintenance provider that offers single-vendor contracts across a wide range of vendor brands, including IBM, SUN/Oracle, HP and Cisco as well as any specialized brands – across servers, storage, and networking, in other words. The right partner will be able to support both legacy hardware and future equipment purchases down the road; and ideally this vendor can also check the desired boxes when bidding work to minority-owned businesses as many public and large-scale private contracts require. Rest assured, TPS Pyramid offers high-level certified work and is a certified MBE.

    Flexible SLAs

    The term ‘flexible SLA’ is a little contradictory – you want any given SLA to be an immovable criteria, but you need the flexibility to assign different service levels to different priority equipment and systems.

    Hardware maintenance SLAs should spell out specific terms that make sense for your organization And each stakeholder team, taking into account both variations in price point and uptime guarantees. One-size fits all and OEM SLAs like to package in unnecessary features and can ultimately fail to meet your needs – even if the add-one are called ‘free’, they add needless complexity and additional moving parts. If a hardware maintenance vendor is unwilling to budge on the terms of their pre-built SLA, consider going elsewhere for service.

    Responsive Support System

    A common point of frustration for businesses with OEM support contracts is how difficult it can be to initiate a ticket or actual service when (not if, when) a service issue occurs. Sometimes it really is easier to handle minor issues yourself, and that’s a big red flag that a change is needed. Your internal teams need to stay focused on your own business outcomes, and unless you’re in the business of IT hardware maintenance yourself, any time you spend doing the support provider’s job is time you’re stealing from your own business.

    Your provider should be easy to reach, eager to open tickets and diagnose issues, and readily available to lend support. A fast and responsive help desk is the hallmark of a truly dependable hardware maintenance vendor, capable of offering expert advice and assistance at a moment's notice.

    Another aspect to consider is where that help desk team is located. Offshore support staffing has fallen dramatically in popularity because it may not be able to meet the level of responsiveness needed to quickly address problems as they arise, especially if on-site assistance is required. Under these circumstances, a U.S.-based support system is ideal. Unfortunately, some firms that rely on offshore level 1 support work hard to obscure that fact, and others are racing to the bottom one pricing and hoping that low-bidding can make up for a bad service experience/. For low-priority hardware it may be tempting to go cheap, but paying a little for no service is worse than paying no money and assuming all the risk yourself.

    The ideal partner is flexible enough to offer high-quality, native-country support for the bulk of the contract but can downgrade for lower priority or pull-and-replace gear, or upgrade for every-second-counts critical systems.

    Having a comprehensive checklist handy can help your organization ensure it gets everything it needs from a hardware maintenance provider in 2021. For more information on equipment maintenance and what to look for in an ideal maintenance contract, contact TSP Pyramid today!.

  • TSP Pyramid Managed Service Experience

    Posted on: September 1st, 2020 by Adminstrator

    Pyramid IT

    TSP Pyramid Managed Services

    According to wikipedia, “Managed services is the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis management responsibilities and functions and a strategic method intended to improve operations and cut expenses.” A managed service agreement allows the business to focus on what they do best and outsource the IT responsibilities to a third party. Much the way businesses outsource payroll or HR.

    A consulting firm dedicated to improving the effectiveness of nonprofit foundations was dissatisfied with the resources and level of support provided by a part-time employee who was only available 2 days a week. Moreover, as the firm grew in complexity and size, they needed a provider with a unique approach to serving their changing IT needs.

    The Challenge

    The firm required an IT provider with a proactive approach and a high degree of professionalism. The company has offices located in Boston, San Francisco, and Europe, with its employees needing IT support through heavy travel schedules. They required that the new provider act less like a hired consultant, but rather as an extension of the company’s team—aligning the interests of both parties. With limited financial resources, the firm needed better control of its IT expenses. Enter TSP Pyramid!

    The Solution

    With TSP Pyramid, the firm can budget a predictable amount for IT support, and their employees are free to call whenever technology problems strike. The TSP Pyramid solution also managed the corporate network, resulting in significant cost savings and a higher level of service satisfaction. Using TSP Pyramid’s remote control tools, the geographically disperse offices and the on-the-go traveling employees could easily connect and collaborate.

    TSP Pyramid also implemented internet back-up and network monitoring systems to actively manage all of the company’s IT requirements. In addition, TSP Pyramid cut internal research time by advising on IT purchases, software and licenses. And TSP Pyramid could maintain ideal provisioning of both hardware and staff at the same time, adapting in real time to changing needs centrally and in the field.

    The Benefit

    The firm decides to go wireless in its headquarters. TSP Pyramid evaluates options, provides best selection hardware and installs WI-FI access points so that users can connect to the office network securely. New hires internally are given laptops with the company’s unique on boarding package of apps and antivirus, and TSP Pyramid techs can log in and install updates and any necessary software for the future for a seamless experience for users.

    Contact Pyramid for advice on Microsoft, Redhat, VMSware, Veeam VMS, Stromasys software and support, as well as hardware purchases, and all IT Staffing needs.