6 Reasons to Incorporate Staff Augmentation

Posted on February 19th, 2015 by Adminstrator

Staff AugmentationStaff augmentation, or adding flexible workers to your team to meet fluctuating demands, is an excellent way to maximize your profits while helping your business to grow efficiently.  There are many reasons our clients augment their current team with Pyramid experts.  Here are 6 reasons that staff augmentation would work for your company as well:


1. Stay On Time & Budget

When you have technical projects that need to get done on time and on budget, staff augmentation can help you get there. You will have the ability to acquire the resources you need, when you need them. Plus, bringing in a consultant is much faster than recruiting a new team member. You can get started on your projects faster so you finish on time.

2. Increased Flexibility

Staff augmentation will give you the flexibility you need to expand and contract as the demand for technical services changes. Some businesses are seasonal or cyclical in nature and have periods of high demand. When your business cycles back to lower demand levels, you will not have to worry about layoffs or unemployment.

3. Greater Expertise

Rather than having to recruit the top performers for any given technical skill set, you will have access to the top talent when you need it. This means you can tap into these expertise reservoirs without having to hire an expensive, full-time employee to get access to the knowledge.

4. Access to a Wide Network

With staff augmentation, you will have immediate access to a deep network of experienced candidates. With so many different technical specialties, it is impossible to hire a staff that covers every base. Instead, when you need a particular specialty, utilizing staff augmentation services to cover the gap means expert help for all your needs.

5. Fresh Ideas

When highly specialized experts augment your team, they bring with them innovative technologies and fresh ideas. Your internal departments can be revitalized without lengthy training sessions or expensive development programs.

6. Ease Growing Pains

When it is time for you to expand your business, it often means expanding your technical network, too. Staff augmentation lets you bring in specialists who can help you scale up with ease without having to hire a permanent staff to make the move. Whether you are upgrading a single system or expanding to new offices, staff augmentation can make expansion simple.

Get the Coverage You Need

Whether you need help covering vacations, require expertise for a specific project, or are planning a large-scale project that is simply more than your current team can handle, staff augmentation can help you get the expertise you need without the overhead, commitment, and expense of a new employee. Contact us to help you with your IT augmentation needs.

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