Anti-Counterfeit Policy

Pyramid Technology Services, Inc. (PTSI) has adopted this Anti-Counterfeit Policy intended to mitigate the impact of counterfeit IT goods on PTSI and its customers and to develop best practices and strategies to identify, inspect, test, properly dispose of and report encounters with counterfeit goods. This is a zero tolerance Policy against knowingly and intentionally trafficking in counterfeit goods.

PTSI has adopted and has agreed to comply with the Association of Service and Computer Dealers International (“ASCDI”) Anti-Counterfeit Policy and Standard as amended from time to time.

PTSI bans counterfeit goods from its premises. Employees at all levels are trained to detect and quarantine suspected counterfeit goods. Vendors certify there equipment is original manufacturer goods and items are always inspected and periodically sent to an independent lab for verification.

Pyramid Technology always stands behind the sale and guarantees the equipment no to be counterfeit.