Customer Reviews

Customers turn to Pyramid Technology Services because they know they can count on us to provide high-quality IT services, and get them that hard-to-find part quickly. And they know that behind everything we sell is our 100% satisfaction standard. Value – Responsiveness – Integrity: the triad which has brought us success.

Please read some of our customer reviews:

The Alphaserver has been a relatively reliable system for Wheeler Manufacturing, but they needed to reduce the risk of lost production time if the server went down.

With Stromasys Charon installed, throughput approximately doubled, Tony Waller CIO of Wheeler Manfucturing explains, “All our software works like it always did, only twice as fast.”  Charon has proved itself to be a gateway to business continuity for Wheeler Manufacturing. As Waller adds, “Our end users have no way of knowing that they are not still running on the Alpha server except that processes take half the time they used to.”  The applications function exactly as they did prior to installing Charon, but now the system is more reliable and faster. “Charon is great; it works like a dream and Pyramid gets high marks for looking out for our best interests.”
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“Having a cohesive team of health center staff and dedicated service & equipment vendors was key to the success of Mattapan Community Health Center’s move to their new LEED Silver Certified health center facility. Pyramid Technology Services, stood out as a true partner in the process,” says Adrienne Benton, project manager/transition planner, Onyx Spectrum Technology, Inc.“Pyramid was responsible for providing the equipment, supplies, manpower and subject matter expertise to support the planning, and implementation of a modernized data center, telecommunications and desktop systems.”

“The Pyramid team was always ready to add value wherever they could,” adds Benton, “and was able to bring in extra resources to meet critical deadlines to benefit the client. Most importantly, the Pyramid team was easy to work with.”
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“Pyramid Technology offered us a partnership. For any future needs, I’ll go first to Pyramid.”

We needed to create a centralized environment to match our customers’ systems. In these days of limited resources, we reused as much existing hardware as possible, bringing together systems from different locations to create a “mini cloud” environment. However, this cluster of servers had reached end-of-life and we were out of luck to find support from the manufacturer. Then in stepped Pyramid Technology. I worked directly with Pyramid President Joel Nimar. He found parts, we agreed upon price. Then another obstacle: incompatible software. Pyramid was able to help us complete the upgrade and provided telephone support at no charge.

Working with Joel gives me confidence in my role. I know I can go to him directly for advice. Pyramid is about people and relationships as well as product and sales. It is a pleasure doing business together.

R. A,, Support Engineer
Precise Software

“Pyramid Technology is easy to work with and very flexible. They provided project specifications and a network infrastructure, including WiFi support to unite our entire campus.  They are both the on-the-job technical experts and consultants when needed.  Pyramid helped us manage costs and delivered on time and on budget,” said Joel Quinn, Superintendent of Pond Creek-Hunter Schools in Pond Creek, Oklahoma.

From the office to the classroom, Superintendent Joel Quinn wanted to ramp up the schools’ IT capabilities, with special focus on providing students and teachers with cutting edge digital technology and a dynamic on-line learning environment. Read the case study…

“Pyramid Technology is a company that wants you to be successful.”

Three years ago, we started having problems with our older Alpha system. Pyramid Technology immediately sent over the right people with the support to get it up and running. This DEC 2000 system houses engineering programs written years ago and still vital to our business. Recently we had another crisis. This time, Pyramid replaced the old with a newer Alpha model at reasonable cost, recovered all the proprietary data and set us up with onsite maintenance. Our President is thrilled. We are back to business as usual.

Pyramid is here when you need them. What I thought couldn’t be solved – well, they always find the solution.

S. B., Systems Information Manager
Microwave Development Laboratories, Inc.

“This company can do almost anything with Alphas.”

At Access3000, Inc. our business is IT outsourcing, high end e-commerce websites, and support of Open Source Systems, such as Moodle, Joomla and OSCommerce. We appreciate practically nothing more than our legacy Alphas. We have 19, and when we need to refurbish and redeploy, we call Pyramid Technology Services.

President Joel Nimar knows just about everything on extending the life of these endlessly reliable processors. Pyramid’s Alpha experts with their storage knowledge can change 36 gig drives to 300 gig and perhaps even to the new 4 Meg cache Tbyte drives.

For all Alpha users who need hardware support, replacement parts and/or repairs – Pyramid is the one to call, without question. Frankly, Joel has the ability to build almost anything.

Robert Garron, President & CEO