Is It Time for a Network Upgrade?

Posted on January 21st, 2017 by Joel Nimar

Network Upgrade

By the year 2019, Cisco VNI predicts that there will be 11.5 billion devices worldwide. What does this mean? Well, it means:

  • We will be utilizing more than triple the bandwidth we had available a few years ago.
  • Statistically, each individual will have at least 1.5 devices in their ownership.

Given that 2019 is less than two years away, what has your company thought of in regards to its network growth and/or future? Has your company thought of professional aspects such as:

  • Adding applications to its existing network?
  • Moving applications to the cloud?
  • Creating new mobile applications?
  • Utilizing video conferencing?
  • Utilizing cloud-based surveillance?
  • What does the forecast of the "Internet of Things" (IOT) look like at your company?
  • If your company is utilizing the tools listed above, are they putting an additional strain on your possibly slow network?

If your company is on the receiving end of poor performance, power outages, or network reliability problems, your business is need of a network upgrade.  This can be especially true if your business is operating with older or ineffective technology.

Experts agree that your business needs to plan a 50% increase (over its current bandwidth needs) to survive in the online market of the future. In addition to this, adding a network upgrade to larger projects (such as adding new mobile applications, moving to a cloud, or adding a VOIP system) is necessary for operation – without performance hiccups. Given that small additions to your company networks (such as wireless switches, edge switches, or core switches) every three years only keep businesses on the top of their game, a small step can put your business years ahead of the competition.

So if you're looking to improve your worker productivity, work with better security, and offer faster bandwidth for your business/customers, a new network device is the answer. In addition to the previously listed perks, newer units offer better tools that prevent intrusions/hackers and require less hands on attention. The days of avoiding new, specific business applications out of the fear of crashing your network are over with a new network device.

Thankfully, Pyramid Technology Services is here to refresh your network, review your security/performance, and make the impartial recommendations that your network requires for security, productivity, and speed. Contact us today (978) 823-0700 so you can stay on track in the future.

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