GW7900 Series Virtual Access

Virtual Access 7900 Series: GW7904 and GW7904-P from Pyramid

Supports ATM pseudowires, ATM to ethernet bridging & STM1-STM4 data capture.

Enables transporting ethernet traffic over existing ATM networks at wire-speed.

GW7900 Highlights:

  • ATM pseudowire support
  • Ethernet over ATM bridge
  • Converts ATM DSLAMS to Gigabit Ethernet
  • Converts ATM wireless base stations to Gigabit Ethernet
  • Monitor STM-1 traffic using fibre splitter and forward to server
  • Dual 1000BASE-X Ethernet
  • Local Exchange/CO or CP deployment

The GW7900 series allows operators to maintain ATM service over a fully supported NGN infrastructure, maximizing performance while avoiding the customer disruption of a service replacement.

The GW7900 supports Ethernet bridging over ATM networks. This enables the transport of Ethernet traffic over existing ATM networks at wire-speed. Dual tagged VLANs are supported.

The GW7900 Series has several interface options with either a dual/quad OC-3/STM-1 WAN interface or a single OC-12/STM-4 interface.

High availability can be provided through two separate Gigabit Ethernet links. The GW7900 Gateways are rack-mountable and incorporate integral AC or DC power supplies for datacenter environments. Optionally, dual power supplies can be supported.

STM-1 Data Monitoring & Capture

The GW7900 can be used together with optical splitters to capture STM-1 ATM data. The data can be encapsulated in IP/Ethernet and forwarded to a server for decoding, analysis and storage. The device can be configured to capture all traffic on the links, or it can identify and capture specific traffic types only.