Backup / Disaster Recovery and Cloud Business Continuity

A good back-up and recovery plan does more than just ensure your data is secure in the event of a disaster. It ensures the livelihood and success of your business. Research suggests over fifty percent of business that lose data will shut down within six months of the disaster. With statistics like that, back-up and data recovery plans are a crucial part of your business.

Back-up and recovery plans protect your server from crucial data loss. With features like disk-based backup, system restores to multiple restore points, 15 minute data snapshots, and 256-bit AES encryption, your crucial data is protected and can be recovered and restored without costly interruptions to your operation.

In addition, the implementation of a backup and recovery plan maximizes your recovery reliability and minimizes the potential burden on your administrative and management team in the event of a server issue.

Pyramid offers Bare Metal Restore and BDR Replication to manage your back-up and recovery needs.

Bare Metal Restore

Bare Metal Restore is a technique in the field of data recovery and restoration that allows you to restore a virtual server with ease in the event of a server issue or data loss. Backed-up data is available in a form which allows the restoration of a computer system from “bare metal,” i.e. without any requirements as to previously installed software or operating systems.

Bare Metal Restore eliminates the cost and effort of rebuilding a server from the ground up or keeping a failover server ready at all times. We offer such features as virtual to physical restores, integrated driver support, restores to dissimilar hardware, and Windows domain controller support. In the event of a server issue or loss of data, Pyramid’s Bare Metal Recovery makes this time-intensive process a thing of the past, eliminating any potential down-time in your operation or costly and timely installations.

BDR Replication

BDR Replication allows you to replicate a copy of your data offsite to another BDR device, ARCA, vault or a collocation facility. Replication software allows you to restore from anywhere and automate delivery of backup files to a local or remote BDR. This occurs through an encrypted tunnel, protecting confidential information like trade secrets, financial information, and personal employee identification information.

Our backup and recovery service is designed for a timely restore of a physical server in the event of a hardware failure. Tape backups are just not enough. According to the Gardner Group, 77% of tape backups fail to restore. The effects of such errors result in company down-time, loss of productivity and even the collapse of your business.

With Pyramid’s BDR replication, we can restore data in as little as thirty minutes. We guarantee restores of all installed applications, snapshots of individual servers, daily process verification and remediation, and minimum 30-day data retention. Your entire backup chain is replicated, giving you multiple levels of redundancy for archiving and disaster recovery at our secure locations in Colorado and Maryland.

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