Mobile Device Management

Comprehensive Monitoring and Management for Macbook Notebooks, iPads and iPhones, and Android Smartphones and Tablets


mobile device managementMobile devices have positively transformed businesses around the world — nearly unlimited accessibility and versatility allows employers and their employees to customize a work style that fits their needs. Some companies even encourage employees to bring their own device (BYOD) for work purposes. But even the greatest boons come with their own set of precautions: mobile devices, particularly BYOD, can lead to greater security risks, complicated integration, and more difficult IT management.


But don’t worry: Pyramid Technology Services offers state-of-the-art Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to turn mobile device challenges into instant solutions for your enterprise. Our customizable MDM product provides:




  • Utilize the best Mobile Device Management software to track all activity across your enterprise mobile devices, including BYOD
  • Monitor and manage across iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as off-network Mac devices
  • Receive alerts on device availability and security-related issues




  • Protect personal and corporate data by remotely locking and/or wiping data when a device is compromised
  • Disable specific applications, such as a camera, on devices used in highly secure environments
  • Set and manage security settings across all devices, including password rules and encryption specifications




  • Configure and employ security and usage policies for individual devices or groups of devices through a simple centralized web-based dashboard
  • Ensure compliance with corporate policies using deep monitoring capabilities, even with BYOD devices
  • Set limits on data that is uploaded from or downloaded to device


Don’t let enterprise Mobile Device Management be a headache — by using Pyramid Technology’s MDM software, you can simplify the toughest mobile device issues, including those involved with BYOD, into customized, secure solutions. For more information, request a consultation today!

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