Sun – Oracle end-of-life product list and support options

Posted on December 10th, 2015 by Adminstrator

Pyramid Technology Services keeps your Sun – Oracle hardware running for a minimum of seven years past Sun – Oracle's 'Premier Support for Hardware and Operating Systems' date. Even if your product can still be supported by Sun – Oracle, it is worth considering switching to our support:

  • Large savings on hardware maintenance and upgrades
  • Expertise in maintenance, tuning and configuration
  • Personal service
  • Flexible contracts

End of manufacturer support information is correct according to the information we have at the time of compilation. For the official manufacturer position you should contact Sun – Oracle.


Manufacturer/Model End of manufacturer support (some dates may be estimated)
Sun 220R Enterprise 220R 12/1/2010
Sun E250 Enterprise 250 12/1/2010
Sun EXX00-CPU Enterprise 30/35/40/45/50/55/60/6500 CPU Module Unknown
Sun E3000 Enterprise 3000 Base System Unknown
Sun E3500 Enterprise 3500 Base System Unknown
Sun E4000 Enterprise 4000 Base System Unknown
Sun 420R Enterprise 420R 12/1/2010
Sun E450 Enterprise 450 12/1/2010
Sun E4500 Enterprise 4500 Base System 12/1/2010
Sun E5000 Enterprise 5000 Base System Unknown
Sun E5500 Enterprise 5500 Base System Unknown
Sun E6500 Enterprise 6500 Base System 12/1/2010
Sun NETRA-120 Netra 120 6/1/2011
Sun NETRA-20 Netra 20 4/1/2010
Sun NETRA-210 Netra 210 12/1/2014
Sun NETRA-240 Netra 240 5/1/2014
Sun NETRA-440 Netra 440 5/1/2014
Sun NETRA-T4-1-4C Netra SPARC T4-1 4 Core, 16Gb RAM Unknown
Sun NETRA-T4-1-8C-128GB Netra SPARC T4-1 8 Core, 128Gb RAM Unknown
Sun NETRA-T4-1-8C-256GB Netra SPARC T4-1 8 Core, 256Gb RAM Unknown
Sun NETRA-T4-2-8C-128GB Netra SPARC T4-2 8 Core, 128Gb RAM Unknown
Sun NETRA-T4-2-8C-256GB Netra SPARC T4-2 8 Core, 256Gb RAM Unknown
Sun NETRA-T4-2-8C-64GB Netra SPARC T4-2 8 Core, 64Gb RAM Unknown
Sun NETRA-D130 Netra st D130 Array 12/1/2010
Sun NETRA-T1-10X Netra T1 100/105AC 2/1/2008
Sun NETRA-T1-200 Netra T1 200AC 2/1/2008
Sun NETRA-T1120 Netra T1120 12/1/2011
Sun NETRA-T1125 Netra T1125 12/1/2011
Sun NETRA-T1400 Netra T1400 Unknown
Sun NETRA-T1405 Netra T1405 Unknown
Sun NETRA-T2000-4C Netra T2000 – 4 Core 4/1/2016
Sun NETRA-T2000-8C Netra T2000 – 8 Core Unknown
Sun NETRA-T5220-4C Netra T5220 – 4 Core Unknown
Sun NETRA-T5220-8C Netra T5220 – 8 Core Unknown
Sun NETRA-X1 Netra X1 10/1/2007
Sun RSF-1-HA Software Maintenance for RSF-1 High Availability Software Unknown
Sun M3000 SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server Unknown
Sun M4000-2W SPARC Enterprise M4000 2-way Unknown
Sun M4000-4W SPARC Enterprise M4000 4-Way Unknown
Sun M5000-2W SPARC Enterprise M5000 2-Way Unknown
Sun M5000-4W SPARC Enterprise M5000 4-Way Unknown
Sun M5000-6W SPARC Enterprise M5000 6-Way Unknown
Sun M5000-8W SPARC Enterprise M5000 8-Way Unknown
Sun T5220-4C Sparc Enterprise T5220 – 4 Core Unknown
Sun T5220-8C Sparc Enterprise T5220 – 8 Core 9/1/2016
Sun SPARC-T3-1-8C SPARC T3-1 Server – 8 Core 8/1/2017
Sun SPARC-T3-2-16C SPARC T3-2 Server – 16 Core 8/1/2017
Sun SPARC-T4-1-128GB SPARC T4-1 Server – 8 Core, 128Gb Ram Unknown
Sun SPARC-T4-1-16GB SPARC T4-1 Server – 8 Core, 16Gb Ram Unknown
Sun SPARC-T4-1-256GB SPARC T4-1 Server – 8 Core, 256Gb Ram Unknown
Sun SPARC-T4-1-512GB SPARC T4-1 Server – 8 Core, 512Gb Ram Unknown
Sun SPARC-T4-1-64GB SPARC T4-1 Server – 8 Core, 64Gb Ram Unknown
Sun SPARC-T4-4-S SPARC T4-4 Server – 2 x 8 Core, 128Gb Unknown
Sun SPARC-T4-4-L SPARC T4-4 Server – 4 x 8 Core, 2TB Unknown
Sun SPARC-T4-4-M SPARC T4-4 Server – 4 x 8 Core, 512GB Unknown
Sun SPARC-T5-2-SML SPARC T5-2 Server – 1 x 16 Core, 128Gb Ram Unknown
Sun SPARC-T5-2-LRG SPARC T5-2 Server – 2 x 16 Core, 1Tb Ram Unknown
Sun SPARC-T5-2-MED SPARC T5-2 Server – 2 x 16 Core, 512Gb Ram Unknown
Sun SPARC10 SPARCstation 10 11/1/2000
Sun SPARC20 SPARCstation 20 12/1/2009
Sun ST-7110 Storage 7110 Unified Storage Server (ZFS Appliance) Unknown
Sun ST-7120 Storage 7120 Unified Storage Server (ZFS Appliance) Estimated 2015
Sun ST-7310 Storage 7310 Unified Storage 12/1/2015
Sun ST-7410 Storage 7410 Unified Storage 12/1/2015
Sun ST-J4200 Storage J4200 12 slot SAS/SATA Array 2U 12/1/2015
Sun ST-J4400 Storage J4400 24 slot SAS/SATA Array 4U 12/1/2015
Sun ST-J4500 Storage J4500 48 slot SATA Array 4U Unknown
Sun STK-2501 StorageTek 2501 Expansion Drawer Unknown
Sun STK-2510 StorageTek 2510 Array 7/1/2016
Sun STK-2530 StorageTek 2530 Array 7/1/2016
Sun STK-2540 StorageTek 2540 Array 7/1/2016
Sun STK-2540-M2 StorageTek 2540 M2 Array Unknown
Sun STK-5320 StorageTek 5320 Array 3/1/2014
Sun STK-6140 StorageTek 6140 Array 12/1/2015
Sun STK-6180 StorageTek 6180 Array Unknown
Sun STK-6540 StorageTek 6540 Array 1/1/2015
Sun STK-CSM200A StorageTek CSM200A Expansion Drawer Unknown
Sun STK-L180-10D StorageTek L180 Tape Library (with 10 of 10 Drives) Unknown
Sun STK-L180-2D StorageTek L180 Tape Library (with 2 of 10 Drives) 7/1/2012
Sun STK-L180-4D StorageTek L180 Tape Library (with 4 of 10 Drives) Unknown
Sun STK-L180-6D StorageTek L180 Tape Library (with 6 of 10 Drives) Unknown
Sun STK-L180-8D StorageTek L180 Tape Library (with 8 of 10 Drives) Unknown
Sun STK-L700-STK9840B StorageTek L700 STK 9840B FIBRE DRIVE FOR LXXX Unknown
Sun STK-L700 StorageTek L700 Tape Library Unknown
Sun STK-L700-EXP StorageTek L700 Tape Library Expansion Frame Unknown
Sun STK-SL24 StorageTek SL24 24 Slot Tape Library (1-2 FH LTO drives or 1-4 HH) Unknown
Sun STK-SL48 StorageTek SL48 48 Slot Tape Library (1-2 FH LTO drives or 1-4 HH) Unknown
Sun STK-SL500BASE StorageTek SL500 Tape Library – Base Module 1 or 2 Drives Unknown
Sun STK-SL500CEM StorageTek SL500 Tape Library – Cartridge Expansion Module (CEM) Unknown
Sun STK-SL500DEM StorageTek SL500 Tape Library – Drive Expansion Module (DEM) 1 to 4 Add Drives Unknown
Sun SE-3120-JBOD StorEdge 3120 JBOD 12/1/2014
Sun SE-3310-RAID StorEdge 3310 AC Raid 6/1/2011
Sun SE-3310-JBOD StorEdge 3310 JBOD 6/1/2011
Sun SE-3320-RAID StorEdge 3320 AC RAID 12/1/2014
Sun SE-3320-JBOD StorEdge 3320 JBOD 12/1/2014
Sun SE-3510-RAID StorEdge 3510 AC Raid 7/1/2014
Sun SE-3510-JBOD StorEdge 3510 JBOD 7/1/2014
Sun SE-3511-JBOD StorEdge 3511 JBOD 12 bay SATA 6/1/2012
Sun SE-3910 StorEdge 3910 System 2/1/2010
Sun SE-6130 StorEdge 6130 Array 6/1/2012
Sun SE-6130-CSM100FC StorEdge 6130 CSM100 FC Expansion Unknown
Sun SE-6130-CSM100SATA StorEdge 6130 CSM100 SATA Expansion Unknown
Sun SE-A1000 StorEdge A1000 Array 9/1/2011
Sun SE-A5200 StorEdge A5200 Array Unknown
Sun SE-C2 StorEdge C2 Tape Autoloader 1 Drive 8 or 16 Slot (Quantum SuperLoader 3) 1/1/2014
Sun SE-C4 StorEdge C4 Tape Library 1/1/2014
Sun SE-D1000 StorEdge D1000 Array 9/1/2009
Sun SE-D2 StorEdge D2 Array 9/1/2011
Sun SE-D240 Storedge D240 Media Tray 6/1/2014
Sun SE-EXB-8900 StorEdge External 20/40Gb 8mm Tape Drive Unknown
Sun SE-DAT72 StorEdge External DAT72 Tape Drive Unknown
Sun SE-DDS3 StorEdge External DDS3 Tape Drive 2/1/2008
Sun SE-DDS4 StorEdge External DDS4 Tape Drive 3/1/2010
Sun SE-DLT4000 StorEdge External DLT4000 20/40Gb Tape Drive Unknown
Sun SE-DLT7000 StorEdge External DLT7000 35/70Gb Tape Drive 11/1/2007
Sun SE-DLT8000 StorEdge External DLT8000 40/80Gb Tape Drive Unknown
Sun SE-LTO2 StorEdge External LTO2 400/400Gb Tape Drive 10/1/2012
Sun SE-LTO3 StorEdge External LTO3 400/800Gb Tape Drive 9/1/2015
Sun SE-LTO4 StorEdge External LTO4 800/1600Gb Tape Drive Unknown
Sun SE-LTO4HH StorEdge External LTO4 HH 800/1600Gb Tape Drive Unknown
Sun SE-LTO5-HH-SAS StorEdge External LTO5 HH 1.5/3Tb SAS Tape Drive Unknown
Sun SE-SDLT320 StorEdge External SDLT320 160/320Gb Tape Drive 9/1/2013
Sun SE-SDLT600 StorEdge External SDLT600 300/600Gb Tape Drive Unknown
Sun SE-L1000 StorEdge L1000 1 to 4 DLT drive 30 slot Tape Library 12/1/2007
Sun SE-L20 StorEdge L20 Tape Library 1 or 2 Drives (DLT7/8000) 20 Slot Unknown
Sun SE-L25 StorEdge L25 Tape Library 8/1/2008
Sun SE-L280 StorEdge L280 Tape Autoloader 2/1/2006
Sun SE-L7 StorEdge L7 7 Slot Tape Autoloader 1/1/2009
Sun SE-L8 StorEdge L8 8 Slot Tape Autoloader 4/1/2011
Sun SE-L9 StorEdge L9 9 Slot Tape Autoloader 6/1/2008
Sun SE-S1 StorEdge S1 Array 6/1/2012
Sun SE-T3 StorEdge T3 Dual Storage Array 2/1/2012
Sun BLADE-6000-DM Sun Blade 6000 Disk Module Unknown
Sun BLADE-6000-CHASSIS Sun Blade 6000 Modular System- base configuration Unknown
Sun BLADE-6048-CHASSIS Sun Blade 6048 Modular System – base configuration Unknown
Sun BLADE-STORAGE-M2 Sun Blade Storage Module M2 Unknown
Sun BLADE-T6300 Sun Blade T6300 Server Module (A94) Unknown
Sun BLADE-T6320 Sun Blade T6320 Serverv Module (A95) Unknown
Sun BLADE-T6340 Sun Blade T6340 Server Module Unknown
Sun BLADE-X6220 Sun Blade X6220 Server Module (A92) Unknown
Sun BLADE-X6240 Sun Blade X6240 Server Module Unknown
Sun BLADE-X6250 Sun Blade X6250 Server Module (A93) Unknown
Sun BLADE-X6270-M2 Sun Blade X6270 M2 Server Module Unknown
Sun BLADE-X6270 Sun Blade X6270 Server Module Unknown
Sun BLADE-X6275-M2 Sun Blade X6275 M2 Server Module Unknown
Sun BLADE-X6440 Sun Blade X6440 Server Module Unknown
Sun BLADE-X6450 Sun Blade X6450 Server Module Unknown
Sun FLA300 Sun Flexline FLA300 DiskArray Unknown
Sun FLC200 Sun Flexline FLC200 DiskArray Unknown
Sun FLX380 Sun Flexline FLX.380 DiskArray Unknown
Sun NETRA-X4200-M2 Sun Netra X4200 M2 Server Unknown
Sun NETRA-X4250 Sun Netra X4250 Server Unknown
Sun NETRA-X4270 Sun Netra X4270 Server Unknown
Sun NETRA-X4450 Sun Netra X4450 Server Unknown
Sun X2-4-2W Sun Server X2-4 2 x 8-Core CPUs Unknown
Sun X3-2-2W Sun Server X3-2 2 x 8-Core CPUs (X4170-M3) Unknown
Sun X4-4-2W Sun Server X4-4 with 2 x 15-Core CPUs, 512Gb RAM Unknown
Sun SPARC-T4-2-L Sun SPARC T4-2 Server – 2 x 8 Core, 1TB Unknown
Sun SPARC-T4-2-M Sun SPARC T4-2 Server – 2 x 8 Core, 256GB Unknown
Sun SPARC-T4-2-S Sun SPARC T4-2 Server – 2 x 8 Core, 64GB Unknown
Sun ULTRA20-M2 Sun Ultra 20 M2 Workstation Unknown
Sun ULTRA24 Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Unknown
Sun ULTRA27 Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Unknown
Sun ULTRA40 Sun Ultra 40 Workstation Unknown
Sun ULTRA40-M2 Sun Ultra 50 M2 Workstation Unknown
Sun X2250 Sun X2250 Server Unknown
Sun X4270 Sun X4270 Server Unknown
Sun BLADE-100R11 SunBlade 100 2/1/2008
Sun BLADE-1000 SunBlade 1000 12/1/2009
Sun BLADE-150 SunBlade 150 6/1/2011
Sun BLADE-1500 SunBlade 1500 6/1/2011
Sun BLADE-2500 SunBlade 2500 6/1/2011
Sun 280R-1W SunFire 280R 1-Way 4/1/2011
Sun 280R-2W SunFire 280R 2-Way 4/1/2011
Sun X800-CPU SunFire 38/48/6800 CPU Board 2-Way Unknown
Sun 3800 SunFire 3800 Base Server Unknown
Sun 4800 SunFire 4800 Base Server 5/1/2011
Sun 6800 SunFire 6800 Base Server 5/1/2011
Sun X900-CPU SunFire E29/49/6900 CPU Systems Board (2 or 4 CPUs) Unknown
Sun E2900 SunFire E2900 Base Server 4/1/2014
Sun E4900 SunFire E4900 Base Server 4/1/2014
Sun SF-E6900 SunFire E6900 Base Server Unknown
Sun SF-4W-1.8-UPG SunFire E6900 CPU/Memory Uniboard w/4x US IV+ 1.8GHz 32GB Unknown
Sun X4170-M3 Sunfire M4170-M3 Unknown
Sun T1000 SunFire T1000 1/31/2015
Sun T2000-4C SunFire T2000 – 4 Core 1/1/2015
Sun T2000-8C SunFire T2000 – 8 Core 1/1/2015
Sun T5120 SunFire T5120 Unknown
Sun T5140 SunFire T5140 9/1/2016
Sun T5240-8C SunFire T5240 – 1 x 8C CPU 2/1/2017
Sun T5240-16C SunFire T5240 – 2 x 8C CPU Unknown
Sun T5440-4W SunFire T5440 – 4 Way Unknown
Sun V100 SunFire V100 6/1/2011
Sun V120 SunFire V120 6/1/2011
Sun V125 SunFire V125 Unknown
Sun V1280-12W SunFire V1280 12-Way 4/1/2013
Sun V1280-4W SunFire V1280 4-Way 4/1/2013
Sun V1280-8W SunFire V1280 8-Way 4/1/2013
Sun V20Z SunFIre V20z 11/1/2012
Sun V210-1W SunFire V210 1 Way 11/1/2012

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