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  • PTSInet, our Cisco Smarnet Compatible Solution Raises the Bar

    Posted on: July 29th, 2017 by Joel Nimar

    PTSInet, Our hybrid cisco Smartnet™ and Smartnet compatible solution is getting better and better than ever. Pyramid Technology Services is pleased to announce, PTSInet Plus. With new features and benefits to totally support our customers and their mission critical networks. Our US based, Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is available for consulting services in addition to our Break/Fix, Advanced Replacement Parts and IOS updates to resolve hardware problems.

    Below are a few of the expanded offerings included in our PTSInet Plus:

    1. Assist with product use, configurations, adding or removing systems to the network and troubleshooting issues between all network devices.
    2. Manage problems according to the Cisco Severity and Escalation Guideline.
    3. Work-around solutions or patches to reported Software problems using reasonable commercial efforts.
    4. Network monitoring for an additional fee. Fault notifications.

    ​Existing customers will automatically be provided this enhanced service at no additional charge.

    PTSInet service is also available to our Juniper, Enterasys, Brocade and HP Procurve customers.

    Call or email us for details. (978) 823-0700 or

  • The Compelling Benefits of Cisco Maintenance Alternatives

    Posted on: November 3rd, 2014 by Joel Nimar

    These days, many IT managers have Cisco equipment, generally switches, routers and now servers. However, what some managers don’t anticipate is the up-front high cost of maintaining this hardware; overtime, Cisco maintenance services can often be even more expensive than the equipment itself.

    This leaves many business owners and IT professionals in a difficult situation, especially in a business world where the budgets for IT are continuously shrinking. Fortunately, there are some less expensive Cisco maintenance alternatives from third party maintenance (TPM) providers.

    Unsure of whether TPM will work for your organization? That’s a normal reaction from many, especially if you’ve never used a TPM provider in the past. Most people are hesitant to embrace what they don’t know or understand which means it’s essential you understand the benefits of a third party maintenance provider before making any decisions.

    Why Switch to a Cisco Maintenance Alternative?

    Those who are currently paying for Cisco Smartnet hardware maintenance may find themselves wondering why I would risk switching to a TPM? After all, shouldn’t the OEM be trusted to provide the highest quality maintenance and service?

    Not necessarily. When it comes to overall service and value, an alternative to standard Cisco Smartnet maintenance may be the better decision. After all, there are many benefits that come along with switching to a maintenance alternative.

    For starters, the cost savings of 20-60% annually alone may make the switch worth it to join the legions of customers who have switched. Some businesses are faced with the decision of purchasing protection for only the most critical equipment. With a maintenance alternative, however, IT departments can afford the service they need for all of their equipment with simplified and customized support pricing.

    An added benefit that comes along with using an alternative maintenance provider is that there’s no longer the need to upgrade software and hardware before it’s truly necessary. Whereas Cisco’s Smartnet maintenance may cease to service products after a certain number of years (requiring customers to upgrade instead), alternative programs continue to provide support. Third-party maintenance also can upgrade the OEM warranty to same day from next business day service.

    PTSInet: The Smart Alternative

    Those looking for a viable alternative to Cisco’s Smartnet may want to consider Pyramid Technology Services PTSInet as an option. By going with PTSInet, companies can enjoy anywhere from a 20% to 60% savings off regular OEM maintenance costs alone. Our US based call centers answers quickly and you have one person who takes responsibility to solve your issue from beginning to end.

    The help desk is open 7×24, so IT professionals never have to wait to have their quesPtsinet Quotetions answered or their IT issues addressed. Plus, support covers more than 90 different equipment brands (including all of the most popular brands on the market today) – which eliminates figure pointing between the OEMs.

    If it becomes necessary to send an IT specialist out, customers can also be rest assured that all of PTSInet’s IT engineers are fully certified and highly experienced and that they will get the job done right the first time.

    Making the switch to a third-party maintenance service is a wise decision for many businesses, and PTSInet is a viable option to consider for significant savings and reliable support.

    Pyramid Technology Services invites you to request a quote. There is no obligation or sales pressure.  If we can save you money and provide more comprehensive maintenance service, the decision will be yours.