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  • 8 Reasons for DataCenter Virtualization

    Posted on: March 21st, 2014 by Joel Nimar

    8 reasons to virtualizeThe benefits of datacenter virtualization are as numerous as they are profound: virtualization reduces costs and hardware, ensures safer back-ups and smoother operations, and increases your green IT profile, to name a few.   Listed below are eight compelling reasons to finally make the leap to the productivity and savings of datacenter virtualization.   1.      REDUCED COST   Perhaps the most compelling reason, data center virtualization greatly reduces your overall costs. Less physical hardware means less money spent  – not only on the initial purchase of equipment, but on subsequent maintenance, electricity, system failures and upgrade expenses. Over time, datacenter virtualization offers significant savings, practically paying for itself.   2.      VENDOR FLEXIBILITY   With virtualization, you’re not tied down to one particular vendor. Due to the abstraction of software and hardware, you can choose whatever programs suit your needs, and the datacenter will take care of the rest. With flexible hardware and software compatibility, you can make the smartest, most economical choice for your enterprise.   3.      SIMPLE, QUICK BACKUPS   Not only are full backups of your virtual server fast, you can also do backups and snapshots of your virtual machines. You can set up snapshots to be taken constantly, ensuring up-to-date data records without worrying about drastically increasing data storage. Additionally, restarting from a snapshot is faster than booting a typical server, which dramatically cuts downtime. Virtual machines can be moved from one physical server to another very quickly.   4.      SPEEDY REDEPLOYMENT   When a physical server dies, redeployment depends on a multitude of factors that ultimately prevent you from getting your server back in action as soon as possible. With datacenter virtualization and the efficiency of backups and snapshots, redeployment can occur within minutes. You’re also more prepared for disaster recovery – not only is redeployment faster for all virtual machines, but they can be moved to other servers if disaster strikes the data center itself. This means your disaster recovery plan is as flexible as it is efficient.   5.      EFFICIENT HEAT MANAGEMENT   Managing the temperature of your datacenter can cost a lot of money. Reducing the heat increases the longevity of your sensitive electronics and reduces data center or server farm costs. Rather than invest money in managing excess heat, consider employing fewer servers through datacenter virtualization to reduce the initial heat output.   6.      GREEN IT PROFILE   Staying green is as important to your business as it is to your customers. Datacenter virtualization reduces your carbon footprint by using less servers and electricity. You can put your best foot forward by ensuring your employees and customers that you’re doing what it takes to preserve the planet for future generations.   7.        SAFE TESTING   Testing in real time can be a fatal mistake for your users if things go poorly. With virtualization, you’re able to isolate testing environments from end users while still allowing them to remain online. And if something does go wrong, there’s nothing to worry about: simply redeploy your previous system from a saved snapshot.   8.      IT’S HERE TO STAY gives you a choice Virtualization is becoming more and more popular for companies both large and small around the globe. Prepare yourself for a potential migration to a cloud server in the future by employing datacenter virtualization today.   Datacenter virtualization is a great way to more efficiently run your company and prevent the massive IT headaches that can occur with traditional server-software builds – it’s also an economical way to keep you on the cutting edge of data center technology. Additional benefits include shorter application roll outs.  Once you switch, even if only a small part of your server, you’ll see the benefits instantly.   Pyramid Technology Services has helped countless businesses experience the benefits of datacenter virtualization. Contact us today to help you make the right switch! Datacenter virutalization   Joel NimarWritten by Joel Nimar. Joel can be reached at