Technology Revolution in the Classroom – Pyramid Technology Services and Pond Creek-Hunter Public Schools

Posted on November 13th, 2013 by Joel Nimar

In February, 2013, when Pond Creek-Hunter Schools in Pond Creek, Oklahoma, was preparing to upgrade its technology across the district, Pyramid Technology was on site discussing network upgrades, configurations, best providers, pricing options, installation services and support strategies.


From the office to the classroom, Superintendent Joel Quinn wanted to ramp up the schools’ IT capabilities, with special focus on providing students and teachers with cutting edge digital technology and a dynamic on-line learning environment.


Major Shift to Digital Learning in Classroom    

The school district was investing in a 1:1 laptop program, a major education/technology initiative where students receive instruction at school and at home through the use of their own laptop computer. Pyramid provided pricing options and support as the 1:1 program started to take shape.


IT Upgrade Critical /Pyramid Develops District Technology Plan

It was clear, however, that technology in the pre-k to high school system was outdated and holding the district back.  The schools were still reliant on very old equipment.   The network could not handle wireless demands and there were multiple server issues.  The Pond Creek-Hunter public schools were in need of a comprehensive, reliable and easy-to-manage IT environment.


“There is major change taking place now in our classrooms, ” says Joel Quinn, “Every high school student now has his/her own Lenovo laptop and is adjusting to a new technology-driven environment at school.  Our middle school students are also part of this change.  All learning in grades 5-12 is shifting to incorporate computers and technology into the educational process.”


“Textbooks are no longer in the classroom,” adds Quinn. “Our teachers have spent two years working together in Professional Learning Communities with Moodle.  This is a free web application and Internet-based source for developing curriculum and producing online courses that are now accessible to Pond Creek-Hunter students through the newly implemented WiFi network.”


Pyramid Partners with Enterasys for Technology Upgrade

In preparation, Pyramid presented the Pond Creek-Hunter Schools with an array of technology solutions for network upgrades, wireless network, servers, backup data recovery (BDR,) and a disaster recovery solution to manage the IT environment.


Pyramid introduced Pond Creek-Hunter to network provider Enterasys Secure Networks.  Working together, Pyramid and Enterasys designed and installed a new network and seamless, wireless capability to ensure smooth, uninterrupted Internet access for all students, teachers and staff – a solution that will lead the school district into the future with speed and functionality.


Optimizing the Computer Environment

Pyramid’s technical staff revitalized an existing server, added a new Dell server and, using

Hyper-V, implemented a virtualized server to the computing environment while optimizing the efficiency of the configuration.  Pyramid advised Pond Creek-Hunter on best options for backup data recovery. The school system decided to go with a local BDR appliance installed in a different building on the same network that backs up and acts as the server whenever the main server is not functional.


On Time. On Budget. Always Available.

“Pyramid Technology is easy to work with and very flexible,” adds Joel Quinn. “ They provided project specifications and a network infrastructure, including WiFi support to unite our entire campus.  They are both the on-the-job technical experts and consultants when needed.  Pyramid helped us manage costs and delivered on time and on budget.”


“Pond Creek-Hunter Schools knew what they needed from technology,” says Dave Whipple, “and we have a good working relationship.  Joel Quinn and his team had done their research and talked with other schools.  As consultants, we made recommendations, provided solutions and connected them to the right technology providers.”


“Pyramid understands the education technology marketplace,” adds Whipple. “We explained to Pond Creek-Hunter why partnering with Enterasys was the right choice.  Pyramid Technology Services has the experience and expertise to assist customers in taking the next step forward with IT strategies, installation services, and cloud requirements. We offer choices and suggest the best investment for savings in the long run.”


“Pyramid met our needs and expectations,” says Joel Quinn, “and they are always here when we need them.  Last summer, we were up against a tight timeline. Pyramid was on top of every detail as we upgraded and installed the new technology infrastructure throughout the school system.  We were operational and ready to greet returning students on August 1, the start of the new school year.”



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