TSP Pyramid goes BIG into IT Staffing

Posted on September 8th, 2020 by Adminstrator

More than just a Name Change

Pyramid Computer Services – now TSP Pyramid – brings massively expanded IT staffing resources to meet the needs of our customers and companies like yours. IT Staffing issues are legendary and so everpresent that the entire H1-B VISA program exists as an attempt to help solve the problem – with varying degrees of success – for US companies.

The problem isn’t necessarily a lack of US-based talent or payroll cost, either of which would be relatively easy to fix; the issue stems from a systemic disconnect between the traditional hiring model and the need for massive agility inside the IT department. By the time someone new and qualified is found, assessed, interviewed, hired, trained and set loose – the whole playing field has likely changed.

A major US banking firm noted in 2019 that only 30% of its IT hires actually went on to perform the work they were originally hired for – and that number doesn’t take into account the hundreds of IT roles that have remained infilled for more than three months – with a few open for more than two years. Their story is not only unsurprising, it’s entirely common.

With this in mind, Pyramid has sought to massively expand and deepen its IT Staffing service options and has become part of TPS – now TPS Pyramid – in the pursuit of solutions for enterprise-scale customers with large and ongoing staffing gaps.

These companies and organizations run the gamut from massive public universities to military R&D Firms, government entities and specialized global manufacturers. The one thing they all have in common is an ongoing priority to fill high-skill roles on an unpredictable schedule inside their organizations. An inability to fill these roles means less productivity, less innovation, slower response times for their customers and users, and all told this has a significant suppressive effect on the entire US economy. The stakes are very high.

IT Staffing Solutions

TSP Pyramid brings a greatly expanded catalog of staffing services to customers with serious staffing gaps. Not only can these needs be filled more quickly than internal hiring and more effectively and less expensively than mercenary HR Headhunters, but the internal resources that had been dedicated to identifying and hiring these team members can be put back to work on key business outcomes – such as expanded training and benefits – rather than managing turnover and hiring day in and day out.

TSP Pyramid resources include:

  • Contract Recruiting
  • Residency Hires
  • Managed Services
  • Project Services
  • Contract-To-Hire

To find out more about specific options offered by TSP as a solution to your ongoing IT hiring gaps, connect with Pyramid on our response form or visit https://www.mytsp.net for more information.

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